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For over a quarter of a century before migrating to the United States, The Ebrani family imported precious stones from Far East countries. That trend continued after arriving.

In May 1982, Edmund Ebrani registered “Carnation Gems” and led a very successful gem company. By 1990 Carnation Gems evolved to manufacturing fine jewelry.

After the company showed honesty, and integrity, by 1996 a Home shopping channel offered a high salary to take Mr. Edmund to help build the new jewelry channel. At the request of Carnation Gems clients at the time, the offer was refused.

By 2008, the company started to brand itself under the new name “Carnation Designs”, by taking out ads in consumer magazines, and spots on TV, all over the country

Our Pledge

Just like the three golden rules of “location” in real state, we give importance to the rule of “quality”.

We pledge to give you a high quality design, quality material, and quality service. We understand the competitive environment in today’s market, and would only give what we would like to receive when we need something.

Special orders

A good business is one the customer trusts enough to place a special order. Here at Carnation-Designs, we earn that trust every day. For this reason, we go out of our way to see that you have many choices when you place your order.

In addition, we modify almost any piece to your likings. Ring size, center stone size, and the size of the side stones, even the size or design of a band that goes with a ring can be adjusted to your taste

Our Working Process

This is how we do it



We plan and devise our jewels given our own style.



We design and we shape our ideas on paper.

Built with care


Built with great attention to detail our artwork.



We provide our customers their dreams come true.

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